Interior Design Trends 2018

Interior design is always changing with new trends each year. This year is no different, with the most noticeable trend being a shift away from the cooler gray tones that have been popular in interiors for almost a decade. We are excited about this move toward warmer color schemes as well as some of the other trends that we are seeing. Here is our round up of some of our favorite popular interior design trends for 2018.

1. The “Greige” invasion with warmer notes

Gray has been the most popular color used in interiors for the last 10 years. The grays tended to be cool, with entire homes consisting of “fifty shades of gray”. Gray is still popular as a neutral but this year the tones are warmer and “Greige”, a mixture of gray and beige, is the new “It” color. We are not sure if this means that gray is on its way out or is just being reinvented…either way we are glad to see warmer hues.

2. Layered “collected” interiors

Formal “over-decorated” spaces seem to be a thing of the past. There is a huge trend toward personalized spaces that reflect the lifestyle, taste and interests of it’s owner. Essentially, people don’t want to live in stuffy, over-decorated “perfect” rooms. Instead they want their homes to be luxurious and curated but they also want their family and guests to feel relaxed.

Some of the ways this “look” is being achieved is by layering in antiques with contemporary furniture, avoiding matching furniture, mixing various wood tones and metal finishes within the same space and incorporating interesting artwork and other unique pieces.

3. Ceilings are the new “fifth wall” in interior design

Ceilings are getting a lot of attention this year. Statement ceilings seem to be a huge trend. Designers are wallpapering ceilings, painting them unexpected colors and we especially love all the high gloss lacquer ceilings we are seeing.

4. Dressmaker details

We are huge fans of tapes, trims and interesting details on upholstered furniture and window treatments. This attention to detail is a hallmark of understated luxury. This year, we are seeing a lot of fringe trim and tassels…it’s all very glamorous.

5. Channel tufting

Channel tufting is back in a big way. It has an Old Hollywood vibe and we think it is oh-so-chic.

Putting it Together

While we love a trend, it’s important to understand which trends having staying power and which are more fleeting. So if you just bought a new home or would like to update the one you have, let our New York interior design team help you incorporate some of these trends into a beautiful home that supports your lifestyle. That way, whether it is your summer home in the Hamptons or Penthouse in New York City you will have a timeless home with interiors that excite you.