‘Crushing On’ A-List’s Scarsdale Living Room Interior Design

A-List’s Scarsdale living room interior design featured with “world’s best” in LuxDeco

British luxury interiors online magazine LuxDeco did a roundup of neutral living rooms by the world’s best designers. The list featured the living room of A-List’s Scarsdale Family Home as one of the “Neutral Living Rooms We’re Crushing On.”

Scarsdale Interior Design Contemporary Family Home - A-List 05

Scarsdale living room featured in LuxDeco

A neutral living room, the article says, will never go out of style. The possibilities for neutral living rooms are endless, allowing the layers, furniture and textures to set the tone.

LuxDeco describes A-List’s design as a minimalist, neutral living room”

Working that new timeless grey woods and tonal colour palette combination, A-List Interiors crafts a minimalist neutral living room which focuses on the very basic elements of the furniture chosen (including a set of capacious tub chairs) instead of colour.

How does the interior design all come together?

Anelle Gandelman and Ariella Duker explain:

“Rich textured fabrics, interesting shapes and dressmaker details are key elements when using a neutral color palette in a room. It is also essential to have some contrast to ground the space.” — A-List Interiors